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Sole survivor is a VR horror game in Oculus Rift platform developed by USC students

Sole survivor is a VR horror game emphasizing atmospheric horror. Sole is a horror game that emphasize more focus on creating atmospheric horror experience. Shooting is just part of the interaction in the game and there is no intensive shoot combat in Sole. 

The design of sole is inspired from Silent Hill series and Silent Hill P.T.

The concept of different worlds in Silent Hill makes the border between reality and unreality is indistinct. Sole Survivor will introduce a similar concept of “Phase” as an indicator to demonstrate the current progress. The three phases are similar to the concept of Real world, The Fog World, The Otherworld in the Silent Hill game.


Silent Hill P.T. is a small-scale room escape horror game which includes first person interaction and excellent aural design. Most of Sole survivor’s events happen in small room scale to keep the VR experience more intense.


Evangelos Lympouridis Mike Zyda


Yubing Xie:

Roles: Producer, Gameplay Programmer, Sound Designer, Designer

Email: xieyubin@Umich.edu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yubing-jackie-xie-a7397b12a/


Zijian Chen: 

Roles: Designer, Gameplay Programmer

Email: zijianch@usc.edu


Po-Tseh Hsieh: 

Role: Gameplay Programmer

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/po-tseh-hsieh/

Kuncheng Li: 

Role: Programmer 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kuncheng-li-02310b16b


Ruey-Tzer Wu: 

Roles: UI Design, UI programmer, Trailer Design

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rayxwu/

Yinghan Wu: 

Roles: UI Design, Poster Design

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yinghan%EF%BC%88rachel%EF%BC%89-w-554500a6/


Install instructions

window build. Select allow unknown source app in the oculus store , please use highest graphic setting (other setting will cost lighting or other unexpected bug in game.)
Oculus Rift Controller needed


SoleSurvivorVRFinalBuild_ThisIsTheGame.zip 965 MB


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This was awesome! I may be a bit biased because I've literally only had my Oculus for like 3 days now, but this had the perfect mix of audio engineering and visuals to build an amazing atmosphere. A few mechanics in the game were really clever, specifically the mirror segment. There was a good mix of sudden jump scare-ish sounds, puzzle, psychological horror and overall gameplay. I would absolutely love to see a longer version of this if you all plan on carrying on in any way with this project. If not, then I'll be following you for future projects. Wouldn't want to miss anything!

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Glad to hear you like our game. This is a student project in our VR course.  We spent a semester to build this game (or maybe, VR game demo ?).


I watched your play through, you missed the most heart-attack jump scare. It happen when you are in the hallway (the long narrow place getting darker and darker). You didn't trigger it. Did you feel your controller shaking? : )

aw man, that’s a bummer! I didn’t think to look around when going down the hallway.

ah too bad there wasnt non VR one :( looked very nice 

Sorry, this game is from a VR course in USC. Although we can build a non-VR version but the controller will be really weird and buggy.

ah ok, thanks anyway :) trailer was amazing!

Thanks you. This game is made for VR specially, thus, many of its jump scare or events have best experience in VR.